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Why Mpact?

Skill Assessments

  • We have over 140 online assessments that cover the core and specific┬ácompentencies relating to the vast array of plant maintenance functions.

  • Core compentices:

    • Fundamentals

    • Electrical Systems

    • Mechanical Systems

  • Fully customizable options to fit your specific needs!

Customized Training

Beginner to advanced fully customizable courses in:

  • Mechanics

  • Electronics

  • Hydraulics

  • Systematic troubleshooting

  • Welding

  • ...and many more!

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Skill Assessments

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Increase Productivity

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New & Improved Skills

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Increase Workplace Efficiency

Employees Who Haven't Kept Their Skills Set Current Can Cost You Money.

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We Can Help You Assess The Core Competencies Of Your Employees.

What We Do

It is our mission to help your employees increase their knowledge, performance, and productivity by offering the following fully customizable solutions:

Over 140 High-quality Skills Assessment Tests

250 Online & Hands-on Classes

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