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At times like this, training your employees how to protect themselves, their families, their co-workers and company is extremely important.

MPACT Solutions announces a NEW 4-hour COVID-19 training program directed to the individual, family, employee, and your company in general.

The training will be presented in webinar/Zoom version or MPACT Instructors can travel to your location for large groups.

Class size is limited to 20 employees.

Cost for the class is $700.00 plus $50.00 per student for materials. 

The training will cover:

  1. Information about Covid-19 and other pandemics.

  2. What you can do to protect yourself.

  3. Covid-19 testing.

  4. Recognizing symptoms.

  5. What do you do if you have the symptoms?

  6. Distinguishing Covid symptoms from other common conditions.

  7. What are the CDC, FEMA and other resources?

  8. Free apps for your cell phone.

  9. How to clean properly your surroundings.

  10. How to wear PPE properly.

  11. Social distancing at work, outside work and at home.

  12. Protecting yourself at work, home and grocery store.

To take advantage of this training in preparation of the removal of your local Lockdown and rehiring, contact MPACT Solutions at 336-379-1444 or email Starr@mpactsolutions.com  or Bill@mpactsolutions.com to schedule your class

Please pass this on to those that you think may need this class.


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"MPACT is a strong partner with our N.C. Community Colleges in serving our state's manufacturing sector. They continue to support our skills needs analysis, assessment and training capabilities."

-- Maureen T. Little, N.C. Community College System Vice President of Economic Development

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